• The prospect of automation equipment is promising
    The prospect of automation equipment is promising
    • March 15, 2022

    At present, in the face of China's severe foreign economic environment, many enterprises have adopted feasible reform methods and measures such as streamlining employees, reducing production costs and improving production technology in order to survive and develop in adversity. The success of these methods is inseparable from the help of automation equipment. In the past, the work that needed many people to do can be completed by one or two people after assembling the automatic equipment, which greatly reduces the production cost. Moreover, in the face of fully automatic production equipment, ordinary workers can also replace professional and technical workers to complete simple product processing. Although China's economic situation has not yet returned to the peak state before the world economic crisis, China's frequent economic regulation policies and enterprises' positive reform, innovation and breakthrough have all promoted all walks of life to move steadily in a healthy and good direction. With the increasing popularity of the automation equipment market, more and more companies begin to launch automation equipment production projects. In order to make a breakthrough in technological innovation, some production enterprises have increased their human and material resources year by year, and strive to build a professional automatic product production line. It is understood that at the recent China Hardware Expo, the number of automatic equipment on display has soared, which has attracted high attention from people in the industry. For example, manufacturers of cups, categories and fitness equipment products are flocking to the demand for automatic equipment. I/O Module IOTA Description (Coated) (Coated) 8C-PAIH54 High-level Al HART, Differential 8C-TAIDA1 Al IOTA AI IOTA Redundant Al IOTA Redundant 8C-PAIHA1 High-level Al HART, Single ended 8C-PAINA1 High-level AI Wlo HART, Single ended 8C-TAIXA1 Al IOTA 8C-TAIXA1 Al IOTA Redundant 8C-PAIMA1 Low-level Al- RTD& TC 8C-TAIMA1 Low-level Al IOTA 8C-PAOHA1 Analog Output HART 8C-PAONA1 Analog Output wo HART 8C-TAOXA1 AO IOTA 8C-TAOXB1 A AO IOTA Redundant 8C-PDILA1 Digital Input 24V 8C-PDISA1 Digital Input Sequence of Events 8C-PDIPA1 Digital Input 24V Pulse Accumulation 8C-TDILA1 DI 24V IOTA 8C-TDILB1 DI 24V IOTA Redundant 8C-PDODA1 DO 24V Bussed Out 8C-TDODA1 DO 24V Bussed IOTA 8C-TDODB1 D DO 24V Bussed IOTA Redundant 8C-SDOX01 DO Relay Extension 1

  • Ge Fanuc PLC RX3i
    Ge Fanuc PLC RX3i
    • March 23, 2022

    The PACSystems RX3i controller is an amazingly versatile programmable automation controller in the PACSystems family. Like the rest of the family, the PACSystems RX3i features a single control engine and universal programming environment to provide application portability across multiple hardware platforms and deliver a true convergence of control choices. • A high performance controller with multiple CPU offerings meeting various performance criteria up to and including an Intel® 1 GHz CPU and 64 Mbytes memory for advanced programming and performance. • A universal backplane with a highspeed PCI bus running at 27 MHz for fast data throughput for complex I/O and a serial bus for simple I/O that optimizes performance and your investment. The universal backplane also supports HOT SWAP to minimize downtime. • A wide range of I/O modules (over 40 types available) for simple to complex applications; various network modules are also available. The PACSystems portable control engine provides high performance on several different platforms, allowing OEMs and end users with application variability to choose the exact control system hardware that best suits there needs - all in a single, compact and highly integrated package. GE FANUC IS215WEPAH2BB HIMA CPU01 F60 GE FANUC IS210BPPCH1AD HIMA F1101 GE FANUC IS200AEPAH1BKE HIMA F2201 GE FANUC IS220PSVOHIA HIMA F3113A GE FANUC IS220PAICH1A HIMA F3221 GE FANUC IS220PDIOH1A HIMA F3236 GE FANUC IS220PPROH1A HIMA F3237 GE FANUC IS220PPDAH1A HIMA F3322 GE FANUC IS200TBAIH1C HIMA F3330 GE FANUC IS230TBAIH2C HIMA F3331 GE FANUC IS200STAIH2A HIMA F3334 GE FANUC IS2305TAIH2A HIMA F3417A GE FANUC IS220PMBH1A HIMA F3423 GE FANUC IS200TVBAH2A HIMA F4111A GE FANUC IS230TVBAH4A HIMA F4204 GE FANUC IS220PTCCH1A HIMA F6214 GE FANUC IS200STTCH2A HIMA F6217 GE FANUC IS230STTCH2A HIMA F6705 GE FANUC IS200STCIH6A HIMA F7105A GE FANUC IS230STCIH6A HIMA F7126

  • Honeywell
    • March 07, 2022

    Honeywell is an international company engaged in the development and production of automatic control products. The company was established in 1885 and has a history of more than 100 years. In 1996, it was rated as one of the 20 most respected high-tech enterprises by American "fortune" magazine. It is a multinational company with sales of US $33.37 billion (2011) and occupies a world leading position in diversified technology and manufacturing (ranking 280 in the top 500). The purpose is to increase comfort, improve productivity, save energy, protect the environment and protect users' lives and property, so as to achieve mutually beneficial growth. Serve customers in the global building, industrial, aerospace and aviation markets. Honeywell international is a leader in diversified manufacturing technologies, serving customers around the world, including aerospace products and services, industrial and home building control technology, automotive products, turbochargers and special materials. Honeywell will strive to achieve the goal of self-control in more than 116000 countries / regions in the world, and strive to achieve the goal of mutually beneficial growth of Honeywell's employees in more than 100 countries / regions in the world. Honeywell DCS Controller & I/O: CC-CBDD01 Seres-C Cabinet -Dual Sided, 32"Deep CC-MCAR01 Carrier Channel Assy, Series-C CC-PAIH01 HLAI HART (16) Module CC-PAOH01 AO HART (16) Module CC-PCF901 Control Firewall Module, 8 Port+ 1 upli CC-PCNT01 C300 Controller Module, Dual-IOLink CC-PDIL01 DI 24V (32) Module CC-PDOB01 DO -24V Bussed Out (32) Module CC-PWRR01 Red PWR 20A w/o BBU CC-SCMB02 MODULE ASSY, MEMORY BACKUP C300 CC-TAIX01 Al IOTA(16) CC-TAOX01 AO IOTA(16) CC-TCF901 Control Firewall IOTA, 8 Port + 1 uplink CC-TCNT01 C300 Controller IOTA CC-TDIL01 DI 24V IOTA(32) CC-TDOB01 DO 24V Buss IOTA(32) MU-C8DBA1 RITTAL TS8 DUAL ACCESS CAB BASE 100m MU-C8DRS1 RITTAL TS8 HPM CAB STD DOOR MU-C8DSS1 RITTAL TS8 CABINET SIDE SKIN MU-C8TRM1 RITTAL TS8 CABINET THERMOSTAT TC-SWCS30 C300 Control Execution Environment, 50 m 51121311-100 Series C Dual Cab Internal Kit 51153818-201 Jumper Kit, Gray Jumpers 1-10 51153818-202 Jumper Kit, Gray Jumpers 11-20

  • What is a programmable controller?
    What is a programmable controller?
    • February 16, 2022

    PLC is a new type of industrial control device based on microprocessor, which integrates computer technology, automatic control technology and communication technology. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient programming and high reliability. It has been widely used in the automatic control of industrial process and position. According to statistics, programmable controller is the most widely used equipment in industrial automation devices. Experts believe that programmable controller will become one of the main means and important basic equipment of industrial control in the future PLC, robot and CAD / CAM will become the three pillars of industrial production. PLC is based on relay control logic and combined with 3C (computer, control, communication) technology, which has been continuously developed and improved. At present, it has developed from small-scale single machine sequence control to all control fields including process control, position control and so on. Hot-sale product Bently 35003500/05 system framework Bently 3500/06 protective box Bently 3500/08 troubleshooting connection panel Bently 3500 internal barrier Bently 3500/15 power supply Bently 3500/20 frame interface module Bently 3500 / 22M frame interface module with TDI Bently 3500/25 keypad module Bired 3500/32 4-channel relay module Bently 3500/33 16-channel relay module Bently 3500/34 TMR relay module Bently 3500 / 40M Proximitor Displacement Monitor Bently 3500 / 42M displacement / speed acceleration monitoring Bently 3500 / 44M aerodynamic monitors Bently 3500/45 differential expansion / axial position monitor Bently 3500 / 46M hydropower monitor Bently 3500/50 Rotating speed module Bently 3500/53 overspeed detection module Bently 3500/60 and 3500/61 temperature monitor Bunction 3500/62 process variable monitor Bently 3500 / 64M dynamic pressure monitor Bently 3500 / 72M piston rod position monitor Bently 3500 / 77M cylinder pressure monitor Bently 3500/90 communication gateway Bently 3500/92 communication gateway Bently 3500/93 standalone display Bently 3500/93 LCD display device Bently 3500/94 VGA display device Bently 3500/95 user interface workstations

  • Honeywell SPT Series Pressure Sensor
    Honeywell SPT Series Pressure Sensor
    • January 20, 2022

    Honeywell's SPT series media isolated pressure sensors are designed for media that will not corrode 316 stainless steel. The metal housing is made of 304 stainless steel, which can provide effective protection in the worst application environment. After calibration and compensation, SPT series can have three output types: 4mA ~ 20mA (MA type), 1vdc ~ 5VDC (4V type) and 0mV ~ 100mV (MV type). All models of sensors have a variety of pressure connection interfaces to meet a variety of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) equipment. SPT series stainless steel equipment is a solid and reliable sensor, which can be widely used to monitor the pressure of various corrosive liquids and gases. Hot selling brand Honeywell 8C-TAOXB1 ABB SPDSI13 GE FANUC IS215WEPAH2BB HIMA CPU01 F60 Honeywell CC-PAIN01 ABB SPNIS21 GE FANUC IS210BPPCH1AD HIMA F1101 Honeywell 8C-PAIMA1 ABB SPNPM22 GE FANUC IS200AEPAH1BKE HIMA F2201 Honeywell CC-PDIL01 ABB SPASI23 GE FANUC IS220PSVOHIA HIMA F3113A Honeywell CC-PAIM01 ABB SPDSO14 GE FANUC IS220PAICH1A HIMA F3221 Honeywell 8C-PAOHA1 ABB SPFEC12 GE FANUC IS220PDIOH1A HIMA F3236 Honeywell 8C-PAIHA1 ABB SPDSI14 GE FANUC IS220PPROH1A HIMA F3237 Honeywell CC-PDOB01 ABB SPASO11 GE FANUC IS220PPDAH1A HIMA F3322 Honeywell TC-OAV081 ABB IMSET01 GE FANUC IS200TBAIH1C HIMA F3330 Honeywell TC-PRR021 ABB IMSED01 GE FANUC IS230TBAIH2C HIMA F3331 Honeywell MC-PAIH03 ABB INNPM12 GE FANUC IS200STAIH2A HIMA F3334 Honeywell MC-TAOY25 ABB SPS02-48V GE FANUC IS2305TAIH2A HIMA F3417A Honeywell 51154872-100 ABB SPBRC410 GE FANUC IS220PMBH1A HIMA F3423 Honeywell 8U-TAIXA1 ABB IEPAS02 GE FANUC IS200TVBAH2A HIMA F4111A Honeywell MC-TAMR03 ABB SPDSI14 GE FANUC IS230TVBAH4A HIMA F4204 Honeywell MC-GAIH14 ABB SPDSO14 GE FANUC IS220PTCCH1A HIMA F6214 Honeywell 51454460-300 ABB SPFEC12 GE FANUC IS200STTCH2A HIMA F6217 Honeywell 8C-PDIPA1 ABB SPS03-15V GE FANUC IS230STTCH2A HIMA F6705 Honeywell MU-TAIH02 ABB SPS01 GE FANUC IS200STCIH6A HIMA F7105A Honeywell 10018/E/1 ABB IMMFP12 GE FANUC IS230STCIH6A HIMA F7126

  • Emerson's New Gas Detector
    Emerson's New Gas Detector
    • January 14, 2022

    Emerson recently launched two new open circuit gas detectors, which can provide reliable performance and simpler and faster installation and commissioning process for a wide range in extreme environments, so as to improve safety and reduce downtime. Extreme environments, including severe vibration conditions and operating temperatures from - 55 ℃ (67 ℉) to 65 ℃ (149 ℉), are common in oil and gas, refining, chemical industry, mining and large refrigeration system operation. Rosemount ™ 935 open circuit combustible gas detector uses infrared technology to detect various highly combustible hydrocarbon gases, including methane, propane and ethylene. According to the latest statistics of CDC National Institute of occupational safety and health, 22% of fatal accidents in the oil and gas industry alone come from explosion (combustion or fire) and exposure to harmful gases. Rosemount ™ 935 open circuit combustible gas detector uses ultraviolet technology to detect hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, which are two common toxic gases in industrial facilities. The occupational safety and health administration of the United States believes that when the concentration of hydrogen sulfide reaches 100ppm, it will immediately cause danger to life and health. Ammonia will stimulate skin, eyes, nose and respiratory tract at 130ppm. When exposed to a certain degree, both gases can be fatal. HIMA K9202 HONEYWELL CC-PFB401 51405044-175 HIMA F7131 HONEYWELL CC-TDIL01 51308386-175 HIMA F3322 HONEYWELL CC-TAOX11 51308353-175 HIMA F7553 HONEYWELL CC-TAIX01 51308363-175 HIMA H7506 HONEYWELL CC-TAOX01 51308351-175 HIMA F8627X HONEYWELL CC-PCF901 51405047-175 HIMA F8621A HONEYWELL CC-PAOH01 51405039-175 HIMA F7133 HONEYWELL CC-TDOB11 51308373-175 HIMA Z7126 HONEYWELL CC-TCNT01 51308307-175 HIMA Z7127 HONEYWELL CC-PDIL01 51405040-175 HIMA CPU01 F60 HONEYWELL MC-GAIH14 HIMA F1101 HONEYWELL 51454460-300 HIMA F2201 HONEYWELL 8C-PDIPA1 HIMA F3113A HONEYWELL MU-TAIH02 HIMA F3221 HONEYWELL 10018/E/1

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